Investigating front-line employee roles in order to streamline the customer experience for Small Business

Capital One’s Small Business division came to us with a challenge: they wanted to find ways that front-line staff could interact with customers in a more streamlined way. Their goal was to improve the customer and employee experience and save money for Capital One.

Skills featured: facilitation, service design, designing agile pilots

Omni-channel customer experience strategy for Capital One

For the head of product at Capital One, we created a customer experience strategy to unite projects that were already underway by other teams. Instead of developing new user research, we synthesized dozens of recent research studies conducted and commissioned by other teams throughout Capital One to come to our conclusions.

Skills featured: Synthesis (ideation and research), multi-product business strategy

Improving the customer experience for declined customers

For Capital One's U.K. business, we did an extensive research study combined with teaching research. design, and implementation methods to the client's organization, with the goal of improving the customer experience for those who get declined for credit cards.

Skills featured: user research, facilitation, ideation, teaching, piloting new research and design methods

Designing and testing the new exercise auto-detection feature

At Fitbit, I owned a UX design and research project to explore how to incorporate a new feature. The project also helped the design team test out a new way of working focused on the Lean UX concept, so that they could use my experience to propose rolling out Lean design workflows throughout the company.

Skills featured: wireframing, UX design, user research, project management, pair work with developers, Lean UX piloting

Master's thesis: Personalizing in-person interactions between customers and service providers

A service design study exploring the desirability and use cases for personalizing in-person interactions in mass market contexts.

Skills featured: quantitative and qualitative user research, ideation, business strategy

Data ecosystem investigation and poster

I sought to understand how data flow through big companies, how technical practitioners like data scientists and business analysts access and use the data, and how designers could better work with technical colleagues to design improved customer and other user experiences.

Skills featured: Research, synthesis, visual/information design, public speaking