Data Self-Portrait

Project type: Individual
Timeline: Three weeks

For Mapping & Diagramming, an elective at Carnegie Mellon, I was assigned to make an infographic print piece showing a week's worth of data related to some aspect of my life. In other words, a data self-portrait.

I undertook several iterations of how to display the information.

My first draft on the computer. Showing it to my classmates made me realize that it emphasizes the differences between using email (the red side) versus text messaging (the blue side) for certain tasks, which isn't an especially interesting comparison.

An abandoned concept.

The classmates and professor didn't seem to like the spiral version as much as the straight line because the spiral doesn't help to explain the information.

In the end, I felt that a linear display of the information was clearest, even if it resulted in a long, skinny print piece. I placed excerpts from emails on the left and text messages on the right in order to conserve space. Featuring fewer emails made sense because they contain more text.

Below are some detail images of the final version: